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 July 18 2017

2017 Corvette Stingray: Craftsmanship in the Name of Precision

2017 Corvette Stingray: Craftsmanship in the Name of Precision

Groupe Tremblay

The Stingray is a perfect driving machine, born from brilliant engineering and precision performance. Its aggressively sculpted exterior is a statement of intent; its driver-oriented cockpit is a creation of purpose. Simply put, the 2017 Stingray is designed for savvy drivers who demand more from their sports cars.

Precision, Refined

The Corvette Stingray combines race-proven technology with provocative, purposeful design. Every element serves a purpose, from functional exterior vents to intelligent driver controls. Available in coupe and convertible with a host of personalization options, there's a Stingray to satisfy any driving enthusiast.

Hood Air Extractor

A functional hood air extractor features precisely angled blades for optimal cooling airflow. The result is reduced lift and increased downforce, improving high-speed handling.

Brake Cooling

The available Z51 Performance Package includes dual brake ducts that direct air through the wheelwells, cooling the front brakes and reducing brake fade for optimal stopping performance.

Powertrain Cooling

A powertrain cooling system, adapted from Corvette Racing, guides airflow to cool two separate heat exchangers, which helps reduce temperatures during high-performance driving.

Ready for Takeoff

The Stingray cockpit features a flowing design made from premium, authentic materials. Intuitive instruments, including an available Head-Up Display that projects data into your line of sight, helps you keep your focus on the road ahead. The standard Grand Touring seat and available Competition Sport seat each feature a lightweight magnesium frame for optimal support.

Precise on Road or Track

The Stingray features a light, stiff space frame for optimal 50-50 weight distribution and impressive power-to-weight ratio. With the venerable 6.2L LT1 V8 engine and a choice of 7-speed manual with Active Rev Matching or available 8-speed paddle-shift automatic.

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